TRX Camp





TRX = Core = Total Suspension Training

Lifelight Fitness is the only TRX-qualified facility in Pleasanton!  We have officially licensed equipment, coaches and programs.  TRX is all core all the time and allows us to identify any body imbalances you may have while strengthening toning muscles safely and efficiently.  Since TRX is the most functional type of training available we utilize it nearly every session.  

Average attendance range: Between 12-25 people


CrossFUNction Boot Camps

Fun, functional, fat-burning bliss!  Boot camps combine strength training with body weight exercises.  Team up and work together with a team of 8.  Sweat will fall and metabolism with rise. Get ready to work your caboose!

Average attendance range: Between 12 and 32 people

CrossFUNction Plus+ Boot Camps

Plus+ Bootcamps follow the same format as as our regular boot camps with one exception: we add another Coach to work directly with the newcomers in Plus+ bootcamp group so they get started with great form and a safe first step.  

Average attendance range: Between 12 and 32 people



S.H.R.E.D (Strength, Hypertrophy, Resistance, Energize, Define)

Muscle hypertrophy is a term for the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells. You will lift barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, EZ bars and other classic strength training strategies to help you build strength safely and efficiently.

"Form Over Everything" Approach: We focus on fine-tuning your form before we increase your resistance or intensity.  Insuring that you have great form insures that you will make great (and safe) progress. That is why sessions size for SHRED is small than the other sessions. 











New Member Orientation


All paths lead to CROSSFUNCTION PRO!  When you are fitness level has elevated from good to great and you are ready for a more challenging format it is time to qualify for PRO.  PRO is for the experienced athlete and combines Olympic moves with personal challenges, competitions and maximum efforts. Intensity is high and rest is low. The sessions are carefully planned out and led by our most qualified coaches. To participate in PRO every athlete must qualify.  Click the link to get more details about the qualifying standards. 

If you have not qualified for PRO yet please make it your personal mission to do so within the next 4 months.  

This is your first step to success!  Before your first workout session please schedule your New Member Orientation.  During your NMO you will learn important strategies to maximize your progress and to insure your safety.  You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and you will receive your nutrition plan.  Most importantly, we will discuss your fitness goals and develop a plan to accomplish those goals safely and efficiently.

Common Question:  Can I start doing sessions before my New Member Orientation?  Yes you can - as soon as you have scheduled your NMO you can start taking sessions right away. 

Click here for our New Member Questionnaire.