Mindset Monday: Solution for "Gym-timidation

Hello True Believer!  You are officially invited to join us as we take on Gym-timidation this week!

Our secret weapon is humility so this week we focus on Lightsharing humility.

How will humidity help us to conqure Gym-timidation? Humility is the acceptance that everyone has something to learn from everyone one else.  Humility is not a matter of acting like you are less than - humility is becoming more by connecting with others. When we cease or at least drastically reduce our need to impress others by feigning to “have it all together” we open our hearts and minds to learning.  Humility is a Lightshare super power because it allows the opportunity to continually learn in situations where we feel like there is no more to learn.

Humility is not just for humbling events like failures and rejections.  Humility is embracing the tough times just like you would embrace the great times because we know that the tough times are teaching us more about our own persona, passion and purpose.  This only happens if we are humble enough to keep an open-mind with a growth mindset.

We are always learning - well, at least, we always have the opportunity to learn.

True humility is to recognize your value and the value of others value while looking up. Make no mistake about it, Humility is a solid superpower!

Humility opens the door for us to see that what we can become, which is far greater than what we are today. And who others can become is much greater than what they are today.

Refuse to settle for where you are right now. Step out of your comfort zone!

Humility is the passion to be better tomorrow than you are today this involves progress, failing and learning!

Bringing Service Back!

To be humble is to serve others without the intent to get something out of it.

Keep in mind that last week our Lightshare Focus was :

Service + Humility = Solution for Gym-timidation!

Now we need you to be part of the solution!  Lead by example - get into the gym and workout and join a tribe like #LifelightTribe. Because when you have a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts, every workout becomes a Lightshare experience and science proves that Lightsharing accelerates your progress.  

Also, the social accountability of working out with a team/family will keep you coming back for more!

Second, invite someone who has mentioned even a tinge of desire to you.  Just mention "I am part of the solution for Gym-timidation" and you will get a Free 4-pack for your friend.

Why are we so passionate about ending Gym-timidation?  Simple, because if every person on this planet worked out and had a community of fitness-minded people supporting them more people would smile at each other instead of gossip about each other.  #truth 

But you gotta take the first step and help someone else to do the same!

Here are some highlights:

  1. We launched the Lifeshare Buddy Program!  An awesome new program where experienced Lifelighters ‘adopt’ newcomer buddies to make their transition into the wonderful world of fitness safe, smooth and fun.

  2. We are putting the final touches on our “Lightshare Coaching Academy” to ensure that every Lifelight Fitness Coach provides out of this world service and expertise!

  3. Lifelighters of the month for May: John and Kiran - look for a full write up next Monday!


Upcoming Events

Rugged Maniac - Run with Lifelight Fitness Maniacs on May 26th; details will be posted this week!

Pro Qualifier - The last Saturday of every month.(potential reschedule for May, given conflict with Rugged Maniac)

Lightshare Survey - Tell us How We Are Doing in the customer service satisfaction survey that we are sending out today.

LIghtsharing on the 5G Network

Growth, Grit, Gratitude, Goodness and Greatness,

Coach Tom

Mindset Monday: Having no friends is worse for you than smoking. 🚬

Having No Friends Is Worse For You Than Smoking


More major reasons for our attention to connection:

Having no friends is worse for you than obesity.  Friendship starts with connection. Attention to Connection is good for your health and your career.  A lack of connection (friends) is worse for you than high blood pressure. Even if you are the most introverted loner in the world - you need connection if you want a healthy body and brain.

LifeLight Fitness helps people energize their bodies and brains,  but it is the connections that form and strengthen at Lifelight that makes our community so strong and so successful.

One of our Lifelight values is “Attention to Connection.”  We have ALWAYS known that connecting is important and Stanford researcher and author Emma Seppälähas got my back.  In her article she shows that connection impacts not just your mood and your professional success, but your body as well.

It may sound crazy, but according to Seppälä and a documented study. "lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure."  That doesn’t mean you should start smoking and eating fried brownies every day - it means that you should value you and strengthen your connections everyday.

Wanna know why?

Strong connections help you live longer.

This documented study shows that  "strong social connection leads to a 50 percent increased


chance of longevity."  Lightsharing helps you live longer.

Feeling connected helps you ward off disease.

Attention on connection and being part of a positive-minded community boosts your immune system, Seppälä says, citing research that "shows that genes impacted by social connection also code for immune function and inflammation." Social connection, therefore, "helps us recover from disease faster."

Connected people are less likely to be depressed.

Anyone who has experienced loneliness 

(so, just about everyone then) will intuitively understand the research findings that prove those who are more connected experience lower rates of depression and anxiety.  Lightsharing alleviates depression and anxiety - that is why we do it!

Connected people are also nicer.  So, Lifelighters are nicest!

According to the latest science, those who feel connected to others "have higher self-esteem, me empathy, are more trusting and cooperative and, as a true result, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them." Essentially, connected people feel cheerful and chatty and this cheerfulness helps them connect with yet more people.  This is Lightshare in Full-Force!

How do you accomplish fun levels of connections and Lightsharing?

Hang out with #Lifelight minded people and at places where “Everyone knows your name” - like Cheers.  Take away the booze and add some burpees (tempting, right) and you have Lifelight Fitness.

Our #LifelightTribe is connected by a common journey and a common mission to get better, feel better and to Live better.  Looking better is part of the deal too. Like I often say, when everyone in the room is focusing on a common goal with positive intentions we are ALL able to get there faster and with more smiles. When more than one person is striving towards the same goal everyone is more likely to stick with it and to achieve that goal.  When others are sharing your struggle and celebrating your strengths success is inevitable. When people connect and sweat the odds of anyone stopping or quitting or giving decrease dramatically.

We are all connected.

Human beings are meant to be “part of.”  We feel better when we belong. But not the kind of belonging where you have to act a certain way in order to fit in.  This is fake and it does no good for anyone. All it takes is the power of your authentic whole self and the willingness to do your best and... BAM!! You belong at LifeLight Fitness - You get the feeling and joys of community just for being you!  Just keep it real, Yo.

Meeting and connecting with every Lifelighter is joy come true! Keep in mind, one need not ever set foot in our facility to be a Lifelighter.  All it takes is a Lifelight mindset. Understand your goals, your strengths and your challenges allows us to be a maximum service to you. Learning about your family and your kids and learn about your “why”  leads to an authentic connection. With service and connection lives improve daily.

It is lovely to connect but even more than that I love to see coaches, staff and members connecting with one another organically. Lifelighters Unite! 

Lifelight feels safer and more inspiring because of our attention to connection. So, focus on the solution of connection and your entire life will improve.  

We are all connected.  This is #Lightshare.

ratefully Lightsharing,

Tom Miller 

Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit Empathy Experience - Choose Empathy over Sympathy on Mindset Monday!

Empathy Empowers - Sympathy Sucks - Mindset Monday!

Greetings from the Liflelight Creation Place!

Lightsharing Empathy.  Empathy, at first, may not seem like the toughest or strongest Guidelight, but read on true believer! Empathy packs a tough punch.  

Empathy is Lightshare and the beginning of the solution. When life gets tough and attitudes get negative if we choose empathy we are choosing the road to Solution City instead of cruising to the nearest pity party or Victims-R-Us Outlet.

So you should feel sorry for yourself and for others when life gets tough, right?  NO! Don’t get it twisted, empathy and sympathy are not the same thing.  

In my humble opinion. Empathy empowers while sympathy simply soothes and enables.  Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone when something bad happens.  The only way that sympathy can be positive is if it immediately transforms, or actually, evolves into Empathy.

While sympathy is a fancy word for pity, Empathy is the decision to feel the same emotions as another person even though the same things didn’t happen to you.  Sympathy is a close cousin to pity.  Pity does no good for anyone. Choose Empathy because Empathy empowers!

Pity Parties and Pools of sympathy are dangerous places to be.  I know this first hand. 

In the past when I sought sympathy (and received it) the sympathy becomes status.  When people feel sorry for us it somehow makes us feel better - but this is a temporary “Feel-Good” that we should avoid getting too fond of.

Again, I know this form experience.

Sympathy-seeking was a common go-to when I was a kid.  Teachers and my friend’s parents would feel sorry for me and express sympathy for me because of my tough home situation. Alcoholic Mom, abusive dad, living off food stamps and social security - you know how the story goes – So did they - so people felt sorry for me.  

During these junior high and high school years I welcomed it and was happy for some attention. In relationships with girlfriends in high school and college I developed a sympathy seeking strategy especially with my girlfriends. 

It looked something like this:

They did this…

I don’t have that..

This happened to me…  

I have had such a tough life….

Whatever it was all of the messages pointed to: Please feel sympathy (sorry) for me and Love me more.  Please assign me status and attention because bad things have happened to me.  Feel sorry for me. 

When something bad happened to me, I immediately sought out to seek some sympathy.  I became addicted to it.  Sympathy is a band-aid - a temporary “Feel-Good” and as I have shared before we can become addicted to these “Feel Goods.”

Addicted to sympathy.  Sympathy became a source of self-esteem and recognition for me. Sympathy seeking only caused me more grief because whether consciously or unconsciously - I continued to create more negative “sympathy-worthy” outcomes for people to give me sympathy for.  

Sympathy seeking and complaining are addictions very similar to drugs and alcohol and… food.  Though it may not seem as dangerous, food addictions are causing millions of people grief and misery every day.  But there is a solution.  The best way to help a loved one get through and past the pain caused by their addiction is with empathy not sympathy.

Empathy is Lightshare because it requires us to share emotional space and energy with another person.  This Lightshare is what inspires solutions and long-term lifestyle changes.

Lightsharing Empathy means taking the time and putting forth the effort to be completely present when another person is going through something.  This something can be a positive or negative experience but in most cases, people associate Empathy with negative experiences.

Besides clearing up the confusion between Empathy and sympathy, I hope this blog will help you develop more empathy of your own.  So, how does someone strengthen their empathy muscle?  Drew Manning took Empathy development to a whole new level!


I met Drew Manning at the Fitness Business Summit in San Diego last weekend.  You may know Drew from his show and book Fit to Fat to Fit. Drew was fit his entire life.  As an elite personal trainer, he couldn’t understand why his clients couldn’t follow their meal plans and why they couldn’t stick to the workout plan.  Why was it so hard for them to get fit and stay fit when it was so easy for Drew.  Earlier in my career, before my own bouts with addiction, I felt the same as Drew did.

Drew, had six-pack abs for his entire life - his decisions and lifestyle all revolved around being healthy and looking amazing.  Drew had no idea and no empathy for what his clients were going through.

So, in order to develop empathy for his clients Drew got fat.  He went on a 6-month binge of eating junk and not working out.  You guessed it!  He gained 75 lbs of pure fat and became addicted to processed foods.

“A lot of people thought I did some kind of Supersize Me thing, eating fast food for all my meals. I only ate fast food once a week. 90% of the food I ate was the typical American  processed foods a lot of us grew up on and is even marketed as health food Oatmeal, pasta, white bread, juices, granola, cookies, cereal, and soda. I was eating 5,000 calories a day.”

Now came the journey to get it off and to get fit again.   This is where Drew developed Empathy. 

“Going from unhealthy food the healthy whole food is like getting off drugs.”  When Drew said those words during his talk I immediately connected to him on another level.  Getting off drugs and booze was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done.  Kicking a food addiction seems equally tough.

Crappy food is hard to resist.  It tastes really good.  It is inexpensive, and it is available at every corner, every freeway off ramp and let’s face it, marketing for crappy food is some of the best marketing out there.  Whose mouth doesn’t water when the McDonalds fries flash on your screen. 

For those who don’t know… Crappy Food = Processed food and other tasty junk.



“The transformation is mental and emotional not just physical.” - Drew Manning

This is Lightshare!  Yes, we will put you on a nutrition and workout plan that will eliminate the fat and boost your metabolism.  But so will a million other fitness programs.  What makes you special with Lifelight Fitness is Lightshare.  It is the mental, emotional and spiritual journey we go on to make sure your transformation sticks.  

Empower you to get better and stay better with our attention to connection and Lightshare.  Yes, we workout and eat clean too but it is our ability to see your journey through your perspective that empowers and allows us to create solutions to your problems, so you truly can:

Lightsharing Empathy to empower you to...

Feel Better

Get Better


Live Better

Grateful as ever,

Coach Tom



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