Cancellation Policy

Lifelight Fitness requires that client comes in to complete a cancellation form in order to cancel any fitness services. This is in order to properly reconcile your account and cancel payments for any of our programs in conjunction with our formal service cancellation policy as per your physical agreement. (NOTE: Please review the back page of your agreement before completing the form in person.)

IMPORTANT: It is very important to us that our Members enjoy their health and fitness experience and get great results

so BEFORE you cancel, if there is anything we can talk about to help you get the most out of this program,

let’s please do that for we do NOT want you to quit. Your health and fitness is SO important and even though life gets

difficult sometimes, having a solid health and fitness program can help make life a little easier with feeling happier,

having more energy, higher self-esteem and less medical issues. We find many people who want to cancel have just lost

motivation and they are not getting the results they desire, how about if we set a time for free with a trainer 1on1 for you

to sit down and talk to them to help get you back on track. Will you try this before you quit on your health and fitness

goals? If you will please call us first at (925) 400-7171.

If you do have to cancel for other reasons, then please come in during office hours Monday-Thursday 10:30am-5:00pm. If none of these times work, please reach out via phone: 925-400-7171 or text: 925-400-6869. We are sad to see you go and hope you change your mind. You came to us for a reason and we don’t want to see you leave early…

Lifelight Fitness Cancellation Policy:

• Our month-to- month programs may be cancelled at any time by completing a program cancellation form. There is no cost or penalty for cancelling a month-to- month program. It must be at least 30 days before your next payment is due, if it is not, per your agreement when you joined, that payment will still run and we will start your 30 days from the day you fill out the cancellation form.

• Cancellation of a month-to- month program will be effective at the end of the current monthly billing period.

•After your 30-day notice, you will have no more future payments due. However, as we agreed you are responsible for

paying for 30 more days from the date of your cancellation.


We know life can get tough sometimes but we encourage you to think twice about cancelling before you reach your goal or before you get Lifelight Tribe Always lifetime rates.

Also if you need to, here are some options to help if things are just tight right now:

  • You can freeze your membership for up to three months..
  • You can split up your payments into bi-weekly payments if you are on monthly payments now; this has helped many people, so it’s not all at once. And we even had some that needed to go to weekly payments, this is an option as well, just let us know. We are here to help you stay with us getting fit! 
  • Or if you need to adjust your program to possibly train only a few times a week, this is an option as well.
  • Scholarship Fund – Since my firm belief is that “Every person deserves a quality fitness program” regardless of income we have allocated funds to assist with membership dues for periods of up to 6 months.

If any of those above things listed things don’t help you and you need to quit on your health and fitness goals, then please come in during Office Hours to fill out the cancellation form.

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30am-5:00pm

*If you are not able to come in during office hours, it is your responsibility to call: 925-400-7171 or text: 925-400-6869 to schedule a time to come in.